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About the Darlington Point Sports Club

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday 12noon to 9pm
  • Thursday & Friday 10:30am to 11pm
  • Saturday 10am to 11pm
  • Sunday 10am to 9pm


Club History


A move was made in 1959 to establish a club in Darlington Point.

A parcel of land was selected on the corner of Demamiel Street, opposite Ron Spence’s Rural Supplies which was covered in Cyprus Pine trees.

The first attempt to secure a liquor license was refused in 1960, prior to the second hearing, it was decided to change the name to “The Coleambally Club”, however the second application was also refused.

The bowling green was constructed under the guidance of the green keeper from Griffith Exie’s using voluntary labour in 1961. The bowling green was being used regularly and money was raised to build a club house and a professional green keeper was appointed in 1963.

Finally a club house was built, and lawn bowls was being played with a green keeper in place, however they could not sell alcohol. The 3rd application for a liquor license was heard at the Narrandera Court where the club had to make sure they had 100 members present. The magistrates conferred and said “The manner in which this club has presented its three hearings has been outstanding and the tenacity of its members is to be admired. We hereby grant the application for a liquor license”. Finally the Club had permission to sell alcohol.

Being a licensed club, they were now entitled to have poker machines. Ron Spence had purchased three Ainsworth second hand sixpenny machines from Coffs Harbour for 10 pound each which were then traded in for three new Ainsworth machines for $100 each.

At first the club did not hire a manager, and committee members took it in turns behind the bar, however this changed in 1962 and Tom Hartman was the first manager, the club is now up to their 16th manager. Tom Finley was the clubs 1st President and we are now up to the 23rd President in 2023.


Annual Reports